Calibration Period of UV Radiometer Puck for Sale

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The UV radiometer puck for sale independently developed by Linshang Technology, and Linshang provides calibration services. It can be calibrated free of charge within the warranty period. After the warranty period, each calibration requires a charge of 200yuan per time.
    What is a UV radiometer puck for sale?
The UV radiometer puck for sale, as an indispensable instrument for ensuring process parameters in the curing process, is required for every manufacturer that has a curing process.
    The role of the UV radiometer puck for sale
The instrument can determine if the light source is attenuating, whether it needs to extend the curing time to achieve the desired curing effect, or whether it is necessary to replace the lamp directly.
    What is the UV radiometer puck for sale calibration report?
The new UV radiometer puck for sale from Linshang Technology comes with a calibration report from its own manufacturer. The report clearly identifies the SN number of the product, the error between the standard data, the current calibration time, and the recommended calibration time. It is usually calibrated once a year to ensure the accuracy of the instrument test data. At the same time, the LS120 UV radiometer puck for sale developed by Linshang Technology for high-pressure mercury lamps also ensures that the test by the National Metrology Institute does not exceed ±10% of the standard value.

UV radiometer puck calibration report

Precautions for returning the UV radiometer puck for sale for calibration
It is important to note that if you need an authoritative test report from the National Metrology Institute, you will need to send the UV radiometer puck for sale to the metrology institute for testing. However, if it is necessary to adjust the data to accurate data, the instrument needs to be sent back to the factory for calibration, because the metrology institute can only issue reports and cannot adjust the data. Therefore, customers are advised to choose the calibration method according to their own needs.
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