Best Paint Thickness Gauge for Sale

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The coating is formed from one time or multiple times. The thinner the coating, the faster it will dry and the adhesion will be good. If the coating is thick, the drying will be slow, wrinkling or other problems will occur.

The coating thickness can be divided as following types

  1. The general coating is 30-40 microns.

  2. The decorative coating is 35-45 microns.

  3. The protective coating is 125-130 microns.

  4. The abrasion resistant coating is 130-150 microns.

  5. High solids thick coating is 700-1000 microns.

So how do we detect the coating thickness? With the development of modern technology, the most convenient of detecting the coating thickness is to use the best paint thickness gauge based on the principle of magneto-resistive method and the eddy current. But the paint thickness gauge has various brands and the price is also not equal, what kind of instrument should we choose to detect the paint coating thickness? 

LS220 best paint thickness gauge

Today, we will recommend the customers best paint thickness gauge, which is a professional instrument for detecting the paint coating thickness on the material surface. The probe of this instrument is very sensitive and can directly press the probe on the material surface. The best paint thickness gauge is very fast and only takes 0.5s to complete a test. The instrument has high precision and good stability, which can ensure the inspection by the Chinese Metrology Institute. 



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