The serviece life of the UV Lamp for UV Curing

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In the UV curing industry, every UV lamp has a certain life, we need to use a professional ultraviolet energy meter to detect if the energy of UV lamp can meet the standards, when the energy is not enough we need to replace the UV lamp. If the UV energy is not enough, the irradiated object can not be completely cured instantaneously. But during the using process, few people will record the using time of each UV lamp, because they only need to use a professional UV energy meter to test the UV energy.

LS120 UV energy meter

The UV curing lamp is divided into high pressure mercury lamp and UV LED light source mainly, therefore, the ultraviolet energy meter is also divided into two types according to different light sources, one is professional for detecting high-pressure mercury lamp, another is professional for testing UV LED light source. Linshang technology has two kinds of instruments used to test ultraviolet energy: LS120 UV Power Puck is professional for testing high-pressure mercury lamp, and LS128 is professional for testing UV LED light source.
      There are many customers do not understand why two different instruments are needed. Is there a universal ultraviolet energy tester? As a professional manufacturer of optical instruments, we can answer this question from a professional perspective, according to different UV light source to research and design different instruments, so that the results of the test will be more accurate.
      Finally, we remind all the users, if there is any doubt about the UV lamp energy, you can buy our professional
UV energy meter for real-time monitoring.



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