How to Choose A Right Window Tint Meter?

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  Linshang technology as a window tint meter supplier has independently developed two split window tint meters.
    Why is the LS110A window tint meter more suitable for absorbing film?
    The biggest difference between LS110A and LS110H split-type
window tint meters is that the infrared wavebands are different. The infrared band of the LS110A window tint meter is 950 nm and the IR waveband of the LS110H test is 1400 nm. Based on our ten-year experience in the industry and the feedbacks from new and old customers, we conclude that most of the absorbing film will show better performance at 950nm than at 1400nm, while metal film is the opposite. So we recommend Linshang LS110A window tint meter to test the absorbing film.
    As shown in the above figure, when using the LS110A and LS110H
split window tint meters test the same film, the infrared rejection rate will be different due to the different test bands.

110A110H window tint meter test the solar film
Linshang LS110A ,LS110H test the same solar film 

Finally, Linshang Technology provides sample testing services. Customers can send test samples to the company. We will make test and give feedbacks to the customers to help customers choose a better window tint meter.



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