Best Window Tint Checker For Testing Rupture Membrane

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When purchasing rupture membrane, we should choose film with high-definition, good thermal insulation performance, good explosion-proof performance and good UV rejection rate. The rupture membrane can be tested by Linshang LS180 window tint checker.

     Purchase misunderstanding one:
      The rupture membrane with good thermal insulation effect is better. In fact, the rupture membrane is a product with high comprehensive performance requirements. In addition to thermal insulation properties, perspective, explosion-proof and color matching are also very important. 
      Purchase misunderstanding two:
      Some people think the rupture membrane will affect the hardness of the glass. When a car owner chooses the rupture membrane, he feels that the coefficient of thermal expansion of the film and the automotive window glass is not the same and the glass will be broken after being attached to the car. In fact, from a technical point of view, after the film is applied, the car glass has a layer of adhesive add-on, which will increase the stress of the automotive window glass. 

LS180 window tint checker

     Rupture membrane purchase tips:
        1.The thermal insulation: The most important function of the rupture membrane is the heat insulation. The good membrane can reflect the infrared rays to reduce the temperature inside the vehicle. When purchasing, it is necessary to understand the standard thermal insulation index. To understand the quality of the film, you can also use the LS180
window tint checker.
        2.Explosion-proof performance: With good rupture membrane, even if the glass is crushed, it will stick to the broken glass. The pieces will not splash and hurt people.
        3.Transparency and clarity: When selecting the film, we need to consider the clarity and transparency first. The definition of the film can be as high as 90% and regardless of the color depth, the transparency is very high, there will be no fog.
       4.UV rejection rate: The UV rejection rate of high quality film is generally not less than 98% and the maximum can be up to 99%. High UV rejection rate can effectively prevent the owner from being exposed to excessive ultraviolet light, but also protect the car audio and other decorative.

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