Infrared Power Meter

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LS122 infrared power meter is a wide-spectrum infrared power meter, mainly used for infrared irradiance test and thermal insulation effect demonstration of insulating glass or thermal insulation film or infrared rejection rate test. It can also be used to measure various light sources. The radiant energy density of the mid-infrared rays, that is, the radiant energy per square meter, is in watts per square meter (W/m2). The instrument has a range of 0 - 40000 W/m2 and the measurement accuracy is ±10 % with spectral response from 1000 to 1700nm.

122 infrared power meter

The infrared power meter can automatically converts the infrared rejection of the material and displays it directly on the screen for easy reading. It is suitable for the barrier performance test of infrared rays such as architectural film, automobile thermal insulation film, solar film, heat insulating glass and solar energy equipment. 



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