Classification and Identification of Solar Film | Window Tint Light Meter

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Window film is a thin laminate film that can be installed on the glass surfaces in automobiles, all kinds of vehicles and buildings. Real window film is a very cost-effective way to reduce heating and cooling costs for existing buildings by reducing the heat transfer through glass.

Window tint light meter can be used to measure the light transmittance, the thermal insulation and UV blocking performance of the window film and window tint.

1. Window  film brand

There are many well-known brands in China, mainly including Quantum, Johnson, Long Film, Ray-Ban, Weigu, 3M, etc.

2. Quality Identification of window film

2.1 Glare rate and light transmittance of window film. 

Good glare rate and light transmittance can reduce the glare of the sun, which ensures the clarity of the field of view without sensation. The high-quality solar film (front) glare rate should be 59% to 83% and the light transmittance should be 70% to 80%. Regardless of the color depth, the night vision should be more than 60 meter.   

2.2 Insulation of window film.

The heat insulation effect is an important indicator to measure the quality of the film. The heat insulation rate of the high quality car film can reach more than 85

2.3 UV blocking performance of window film. 

The high-quality car film should be able to effectively block the ultraviolet rays, prevent the human skin from being damaged by the ultraviolet rays. At the same time, the solar film reduce the wear and tear caused by the interior parts of the leather and prolong the service life of the interior parts.

LS180 window tint light meter

LS182 Window Tint Light Meters

2.4 Explosion-proof of window film.

The structure of the high-quality explosion-proof car membrane must be provided with an explosion-proof base layer. When the windshield glass bursts, it should be able to effectively prevent the scattering and prevent the passengers from being injured.

2.5 Wear resistance of window film

In particular, the side rear diaphragm, because the glass window needs to be lifted and lowered frequently, friction is inevitable. The solar film with poor wear resistance will leave scratches after being used for a period of time.

According to the material, it can be divided into metal materials, ceramic materials and ordinary plastics. (The medium and high-grade films that we usually use are basically metal materials. Of course, the low-grade films below 1000 RMB are ordinary plastic paper. With the promotion of nanotechnology, some imported brands of solar film have begun to use ceramic materials.

2.6 Handfeel and wear resistance

Car window film feels thick and smooth, good car film surface hardening treatment, long-term use is not easy to scratch the surface. Poor quality window film feels thin and brittle, easy to be scratched, so the film surface is not clear.

Window tint light meters measures the 365nm UV blocking rate, 1400nm infrared blocking rate and 550nm visible light transmittance, it can directly reflect the optical properties of the solar film so that we can judge the solar film quality by the tested parameters. Generally, there are some powerful manufacturers that provide solar window tint light meters for customer testing.