UV LED Energy Meter Calibrated at 395nm Test 365nm Light Source

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The spectral response range of Linshang UV LED energy meter is 340-420nm. It is calibrated at 395nm UV LED light source. If we use it to test the 365nm light source, will the data be accurate?

      Linshang Technology has invented two LED-specific UV energy meters, LS128 and LS131. These two instruments are designed for LED light sources. The spectral response range is 340-420nm. It can measure UV LED light sources of various wavelengths such as 365 nm, 375 nm, 385 nm, 395 nm and 405 nm. The instrument is calibrated at a 395 nm UV LED source, which means that we use the 395nm light source to examine the quality of the instrument.
      Many customers will have doubts when they see "calibrated at 395nm LED light source". Will the data still be accurate when we use the instrument to test the 365nm light source?
      Before we understand the accuracy of the data, we need to tell you that there is no uniform measurement standard for the intensity or energy measurement of UV LED light sources worldwide. Therefore, all major LED UV energy meter manufacturers use their own standards to calibrate instrument data. In other words, if we want to determine whether the LED-specific UV energy meter data is accurate, we need to refer to the manufacturer's own standards.
      The spectral response graph of the LED-specific UV energy meter is different from that of the mercury lamp. The response is the same in the range of 365nm to 405nm. From the figure below, we can see that this graph is very in this stable in this range. Therefore, no matter what band of UV LED light source data is tested, it is no problem. Although we choose one waveband to calibrate the instrument, it also ensures the accuracy of the data when measuring other band sources.

UV LED energy meter

      All in all, using the LS128 or LS131 LED-specific UV energy meter to measure any LED light source in the 365-405nm range, the test data is in line with the manufacturer's standard of Linshang technology, regardless of the LED light source calibrated in what band. Please feel free to buy and use.

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