Gloss Measurement Using Stone Gloss Meter

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1. What is stone gloss?

Stone glossiness, which is commonly referred to, refers to the reflection degree of the stone surface to visible light. It is a physical quantity that evaluates the ability of the stone surface to reflect light under specified geometric conditions. In general, stone gloss refers to "specular gloss", which is one of the important criteria for judging and measuring the quality of stone. The stone gloss depends on two aspects, namely the refractive index of the various minerals that make up the rock and the surface microstructure.

When the stone maintenance is completed, it is recommended that the first visual observation of to test the overall effect. Observation, to see from a vertical angle, side light angle. Vertical angle can test the clarity of the stone, you need to open the roof light, observe the light profile formed on the stone, the clearer the profile means the higher the clarity. Vertical angle observation after the need to backlight and down light angle observation test the brightness of the stone and whether the surface has scratches and other defects.

Measure the gloss of the stone, visual perception although it is important, but visual observation is susceptible to light source environment, measurement angle and other factors, resulting in inaccurate assessment of the gloss of the stone, so visual observation can not be quantitative description of the gloss of the stone. In order to be more objective, accurate, quantitative description of the gloss of the stone can use the stone gloss tester.

The minerals that make up the same kind of stone are similar. The smoother the stone surface, the higher the surface gloss of the surface. However, in the process of testing or assessing the stone gloss, it will be affected by many factors, so the stone must be tested in strict accordance with the uniform stone gloss evaluation standard. So, what is the gloss of the marble and granite stones that we often see or use in our lives? What are the evaluation standards and measurement standards for stone surface gloss?

2. Stone gloss measurement regulations in China

The Chinese institute has unified regulations for the measurement and evaluation of stone gloss. The instrument has formulated the "Measurement Method for Mirror Gloss of Building Finishing Materials" as an industry standard for measuring stone gloss. According to the differences in hardness, structure and mineral particle size of different quality stones, the stone gloss is divided into three levels, which are good (above 80GU), average (70-80GU) and poor (below 70GU). At the same time, different surface effects of stone have different requirements for the stone gloss. Granite and marble are polished. The marble gloss is about 80GU on average and the gloss of granite can be more than 90GU. But  we can also use different maintenance methods to maintain a stable gloss. Generally, the mirror gloss value of the stone can reach 75GU to meet the general decoration requirements. In special cases, the mirror gloss of the stone must be above 80GU.

If the stone gloss is not good due to natural unevenness of the stone, manufacturing process and surface stains, etc., It is necessary to use different methods to polish the stone surface, strengthen the polishing process or the daily maintenance of the stone.

3. How to measure stone gloss?

stone gloss meter measure marble gloss
stone gloss meter measure marble gloss

Since the stone gloss is so important, it must be measured using a professional gloss meter. We take Linshang gloss meter as an example to show how to measure stone gloss using glossmeter.

  1. Long press the "Power" button in the off state to turn on the instrument.

  2. After passing the self-calibration, we can start test.

  3. Place the gloss meter on the stone, the stone gloss will be displayed immediately

  4. Press the "Power" button , if you want to record the measured gloss.

  5. The gloss meter automatically calculate the maximum value, minimum value, average value and standard deviation.

LS192/LS193 measurement range: 0-1000GU
High precision which meet the standards of national first-class working machines
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Model: LS192/LS193

There are many types and models of gloss meters on the market, but their working principles are the same. In order to ensure the accuracy of the measured values, the choice of gloss meter is very important. Linshang LS192 stone gloss meter and Linshang LS191 portable gloss meter can be used not only for the measurement of stone gloss, but also for the gloss measurement of paint, ceramics and other materials.