Will the Auto Paint Meter Damage the Car Paint?

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The paint sprayed on the car is called car paint. The car sprays paint and the paint will form a protective film on the surface of the car body, which makes the car body not easy to be corroded, prolongs the service life of the car, and makes the car more beautiful. Different car paints have different effects.

Car paint is very important for the car itself. Will it damage the car paint by using an auto paint meter to test the thickness of it? Whether it will damage the car paint can be seen from two aspects.

automotive paint meter

It depends on what material is used for the auto paint meter probe. The auto paint meter in the market is generally made of ruby and metal. The ruby probe will be more wear-resistant than metal probe and will not easily damage the car paint. As the number of uses increases, the metal probe is easily worn and will cause some damage to the paint on the surface of the car.

auto paint meter

The faster the auto paint meter test data is, the faster the contact time between the probe and the measured object can be, and the wear on the probe can be reduced. If an automotive paint meterneed to take one or two seconds to test a data, the reaction speed is very slow, and faster response times mean shorter test intervals and faster test efficiency. Linshang auto paint meter has 0.5s measuring internal, which makes the paint measurement faster and less damage to the paint.



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