Examine the Used Car by Auto Paint Thickness Meter

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How to examine the used car? Except our experience, we can also examine the used car by professional instrument-auto paint thickness meter.  We know that most cars will be restored by sheet metal painting after a scratch collision. But it is still very difficult to restore the paint film thickness to the original value with advanced sheet metal painting technology. Therefore, we generally use the Linshang LS220 auto paint thickness meter to measure the used car paint thickness as a inspection method.
Linshang LS220 auto paint thickness meter inspection method:

1.Take five points on the roof, respectively, in the middle, front, back, left and right points of the roof. And then we use the LS220 auto paint thickness meter test each point for three to five times and take an average value. Finally, we’ve got five average values and get a final average value as a base value. (The roof paint thickness is closest to the original paint thickness)

LS220b auto paint thickness meter

LS220B auto paint thickness meter test the left front fender

2.Take a number of different locations at the front cover, back cover, left and right front and rear doors of the car and let’s use the LS220 auto paint thickness meter to test the paint thickness of these positions. Then take the average value (refer to the measurement position and method of the roof), so that the points of all parts of the car are basically covered.

3.Compare the paint thickness obtained from the points of each part of the car with the car roof paint thickness. If the two values are very close, it means the car has no serious accident.



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