Is the Data of Automotive Paint Meter Accurate?

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Automotive paint meter is an instrument used to measure the automotive paint thickness, most of which are used in the second-hand car industry. Can we cheat the customers by the paint thickness gauge? Obviously the answer is no. The main reasons are as follows:

1.Measurement principle

The general automotive paint meter adopts the principle of Fe: Hall effect and NFe eddy current.
Hall effect: The Hall effect is an electromagnetic effect. Specifically, when the current is perpendicular to the semiconductor through which the external magnetic field passes, the deflection of the carriers perpendicular to the direction of the current and the magnetic field creates an additional power plant, thereby creating a potential difference across the semiconductor. This potential difference is called the Hall potential difference and uses the left-handed decision principle.

The eddy current principle, also known as the eddy current effect, refers to Faraday's law of electromagnetic induction. When a block conductor is placed in an alternating magnetic field or moves in a fixed magnetic field. An induced current is generated in the body, and this current is closed inside the conductor.

LS220b automotive paint meter

LS220B automotive paint meter test the left C pillar

2.The automotive paint meter product basis and Chinese national standard.

"GB/T 4956-2003" non-magnetic coating thickness measurement on magnetic substrate - magnetic method

"GB/T 4957-2003" Non-conductive base layer thickness measurement on non-magnetic base metal - eddy current method

"DIN EN ISO 2808" Measurement stipulation of coating and varnish thickness

"JJG-818-2005" magnetic and eddy current cover thickness measuring instrument verification procedures

In summary, the data tested by automotive paint meter is accurate and scientific. If you are really afraid of buying a poor quality product, we recommend Linshang LS220 automotive paint meter. This automotive paint meter is small and convenient to carry and meets Chinese national standards. Chinese and English display interfaces can be switched.     

Best paint thickness tester

The basic parameters are completely consistent with the LS220 car paint thickness gauge
The data can be transmitted to the mobile phone APP via Bluetooth. It can count the maximum value, minimum value and average value
Model: LS220B