How to Measure Car Paint Thickness with Auto Paint Gauge

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For some professional used car appraisers, identifying whether a used car has been repainted can be judged by the naked eye. However, more used car buyers do not have such experience, so they will use an auto paint gauge to test the auto paint thickness of used cars.

The probability of car roof being damaged in the accident is relatively small. Therefore, we generally compare the thickness of the paint surface of other parts of the car with the thickness of the used roof paint. 

Let's take a car as an example to show how to use the auto paint gauge to test the auto paint thickness.

1. First open the mobile phone APP, turn on the auto paint gauge, and start the test after the gauge and the APP match successfully.
2. Then we measured three positions on the roof with an auto paint gauge. It can be seen that the difference between the three sets of data is very small. Through these three sets of test data, we can basically judge the thickness of the roof paint film of the car is about 56um.

auto paint gauge

3. Next, we test the paint surface thickness of multiple parts such as the engine compartment cover, the left front fender, and the left rear fender. It is best to test multiple times for each parts, through the mobile APP. We can record all the data.

automotive paint gauge

4. If some data is significantly larger than the average value of the data, the test range can be increased. In this way, we can find out the parts that have been repainted, because the paint thickness of the repainted parts will be much higher than that of the original car. 

The original auto paint thickness of different brands is different. As a paint thickness measuring instrument, the paint film measuring instrument can help users obtain objective data, but it is still necessary to combine the actual situation to draw conclusions about the overall situation of the car.



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