Factors Affecting the Data of the Paint Mil Gauge

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Why is the measurement data of the paint mil gauge inaccurate? This article will mainly introduce the factors affecting the data of the coating thickness gauge.

  1. Interference from strong magnetic fields. When the paint mil gauge is operated near a strong electromagnetic field, the measurement is severely disturbed. If it is very close to the electromagnetic field, the paint mil gauge may also crash.

  2. No suitable substrate was selected when the paint mil gauge was zeroed. If it is necessary to test coating thickness on the iron base, the measurement state of the paint mil gauge must be adjusted to the iron-based measurement mode or the automatic measurement mode. If it is switched to the non-ferrous measurement mode, the coating thickness gauge can’t work..

  3. The influence of attached substances. Paint mil gauges are very sensitive to adhering substances that prevent the probe from coming into close contact with the surface of the cover. Therefore, the attached material must be removed before measurement to ensure direct contact between the probe and the coating surface. The surface of the standard board must also be bare and clean when zeroing on the standard board equipped with the paint mil gauge.

    paint mil gauge

  4. The paint mil gauge has broken. At this time, you can communicate with the technician or return to the factory for maintenance.

  5. The probe is not inserted or the probe wire is damaged.

  6. Human factors. This situation is often encountered by new users. The paint mil gauge is capable of measuring micrometers because it captures small changes in magnetic flux and converts it into a digital signal. During the measurement process, if the user is unfamiliar with the paint mil gauge, the probe does not press vertically on the substrate to be tested, and the change of the magnetic flux data will cause the measurement data to change. 

Therefore, we recommend that new users first master the measurement method when using the coating thickness gauge for the first time. The placement of the probe has a large effect, and the probe should be perpendicular to the surface of the specimen during the measurement. And the probe should not be placed too long to avoid interference with the magnetic field of the substrate itself.



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