Paint Thickness Meter Test Furniture Hardware Accessories

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With the continuous improvement of the material and spiritual level,the people began to pay attention to more details of life.More and more popular elements were added to the furniture hardware.Through surface treatment such as spraying, painting and electroplating,furniture hardware fittings can be made into a variety of handicrafts,which not only beautify the appearance,but also improve the corrosion resistance and service life of the fittings to some extent.
    In industrial production,if the coating on the furniture hardware surface is too thin,it will be difficult to exert the function of coating.If the coating is too thick,it will cause cost waste.And furniture hardware accessories are widely used in people's lives.The final consumer goods,therefore the thickness uniformity of the coating is also strictly controlled. The coating thickness on the furniture hardware can be measured using a paint thickness meter.
    Common thickness gauges are iron-based paint thickness meters designed to measure the coating thickness on ferrous substrate (eg steel, iron),as well as non- other non-ferrous paint thickness meters used to test the other materials (eg aluminum, copper).These two different paint thickness meters have different measurement principles and therefore have a different range of application.Some paint thickness meters have two measurement principles that can measure the coating thickness on various metal substrates.
    The hardware handle is one of the most widely used accessories in furniture hardware,which can be seen everywhere in daily life.The picture below shows the actual coating thickness on the metal handle surface using the
LS221 paint thickness meter.The instrument's probe and main unit are separate parts for easy measurement of high,low or narrow spaces.

LS221 paint thickness meter

Of course,in addition to handles,common furniture hardware accessories include hardware racks,hardware feet,turntables,pneumatic rods, etc.The coating thickness on these hardware surfaces can be accurately measured using a paint thickness meter.The furniture hardware tested should be flat and can fully cover the paint thickness meter probe and the area of the outer ring.