Common Brands of UV Power Pucks

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First: Common UV power puck brand:

EIT in the United States, EXFO in Canada, USHIO and ORC in Japan, and Linshang in China.

Second:How to choose the right UV power puck?

If we test the UV light source system which is used for the traditional mesh belt conveyor structure, a box type rotary or static curing type UV dryer, a simple UV ultraviolet device. The UV power puck LS120 whose diameter is 120mm can be placed in. The UV power puck can test the ultraviolet light intensity and energy of the main wavelength band whose spectral range is 315-400 nm and the peak wavelength of 365 nm. This UV power puck is often used in industrial applications and can fully meet your needs. It can not only can test energy and power but also display temperature and intensity curves. The instrument can also be connected to a computer to print test reports.

LS128 UV power puck

The Linshang UV power puck can also be directly comparable to the US EIT, Japan ORC power puck. It has high performance with low price.

Third:Different brands of UV power pucks appear different measurement values under the same test conditions. Reasons can be concluded as following:

  1. The original calibration standards are different. It is not possible to subjectively judge that a certain brand is standard and other brands are not suitable.

  2. Different brands or even the same brand, because the sensor's photosensitive UV wavelength / band is not the same, then even under the same test conditions, it may lead to different readings.