How To Choose Paint Coating Thickness Gauge Meter?

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How to choose a fireproof and anti-corrosion paint coating thickness gauge meter? For a high performance paint coating thickness gauge meter, functions such as wide range, high accuracy, temperature compensation are indispensable.
    With so many paint coating thickness gauge meters on the market, the performance and quality are uneven. So how do we choose a paint coating thickness gauge meter? We know that coatings with performance such as fire resistant or corrosion resistant are relatively thick than other coatings. Therefore, we should consider the following points when choosing a fireproof and anti-corrosion paint coating thickness gauge meter:
     1.Measurement range 
     The layer of fireproof and anticorrosive is generally thicker, we should ensure that the coating thickness is within the measurement range.
     High-precision instruments are the basic premise for us to have accurate data.

LS223 paint coating thickness gauge meter

3.Use environment
     Temperature difference between winter and summer is relatively large, if it is in the north, the indoor and outdoor temperature difference will be even greater. Therefore, the instrument we choose must have a temperature compensation function, even if the temperature changes greatly, it will not affect the measurement data.
     When choosing an instrument, we must choose a durable instrument that can be used repeatedly for a long time.
Paint coating thickness gauge meter with simple operation is better for our use
     6.Fast Measuring Speed and good after-sales service.



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