Lens Light Transmission Meter For Sales

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In the glasses industry, according to the blue light transmittance requirements and test methods of anti-blue light lenses and related glasses products related standards,Recently, the Chinese government has promoted mandatory testing of the transmittance of eye lenses.

In fact, the transmittance of the lens refers to the definition. When the total amount of light entering the eye after passing through the lens is in proportion to the light entering into the lens, the higher the ratio is, the better the transmittance is . And the definition will be better.  The light transmittance is generally more than 91%. The transmittance of glasses is usually measured by LS108 lens light transmission meter.

LS108 lens light transmission meter

LS108 spectrum transmittance meter

The lens light transmission meter LS108 produced by Linshang technology is specially used to detect the transmittance of glasses UV395nm, blue light 430nm and visible light 550nm. It is widely used in optical lens, coating material, organic material, anti-blue light material, PC and other transparent materials.

In addition, we can customize 410nm, 430nm, 450nm and 470nm blue light bands of lens light transmission meter LS108 according to customers' needs. As long as there are light sources in the market, we can help customers customize the meter.

For more information about the light transmission meter, please refer to the "Light Transmission Meter Selection and FAQ".