Densitometer for Detecting Lampshades and Diffusers

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 Regardless of whether it is a lampshade or a diffusing plate, the effect of sufficiently scattering the incident light is achieved by adding a light diffusing agent to the substrate. The material after the addition of the diffusing agent has the characteristics of high light transmittance.
    The light diffusing agent is a microsphere product adopt polymer polymerization technique by means of crosslinking or grafting functional groups. The function of the light diffusing agent is to increase the scattering and transmission of light. It also helps cover the light source and the glare source, so that the transmitted light is softer.

Light diffusing plates are widely used in liquid crystal display, LED lighting and imaging display systems. Its main function is to fully scatter incident light for a softer, more uniform illumination.
The lampshade and diffuser have high light transmittance after adding the diffusing agent, but the densitometer shows a low transmittance during the detection process. Why?
    The reason is that there is no suitable
densitometer for detection. It is necessary to know that the detection principle of the densitomter is different. Some are used for measuring transparent materials and some are used for measuring diffuse transmission materials. The lampshade and diffuser after the addition of the light diffusing agent are diffusely transmissive. If the diffuse transmission material is tested with a densitometer that tests the regular transparent material, the result is definitely unacceptable.

LS117 densitometer

The material after adding the light diffusing agent, such as the lampshade and the diffuser, should be detected by the LS117 densitometer. As shown in the figure above, the LS117 LS117 densitometer detects a lampshade and a diffuser plate. The transmittance of the diffuser plate is 81.787%, and the light transmittance of the lampshade is 64.954%. The LS117 densitometer uses the diffuse transmission principle to specifically measure the light transmittance of milk white, frosted, foggy, matte material and the optical density of aluminized film, film, etc. The material aperture of LS117 is 2mm, using white light of 380-760nm band. This densitometer also has CIE visual photopic function and can pass the standard of the Chinese national metrology institute.



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