Linshang Double Probe Paint Mil Thickness Gauge

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Linshang technology have invented four types of paint mil thickness gauges used in the professional industry, which are generally selected according to the thickness of different materials. When it comes to the dual-probe paint mil thickness gauge with wide measurement range, LS223 is a better choice. The instrument uses a separate design of the main unit and the probe. When the probe is connected to the main unit, the instrument will automatically recognize the model of the probe when it is turned on.

LS223 paint mil thickness gauge

The host of the paint mil thickness gauge LS223 can switch freely between the F3N3 probe and the F5N3 probe. The main difference between the two probes is that the maximum measurement range of F3N3 is 3000μm and the maximum measurement range of F5N3 is 5000μm.

The probe of LS223 paint mil thickness gauge is equipped with a line, which is not only suitable for measuring the surface of conventional flat coatings, but also for coating thickness measurement on products such as slits and grooves. The data of the split type is more stable than the integrated one. 

In the shipbuilding industry, aerospace, steel coatings and other industries, the paint mil thickness gauge LS223 is widely used. The dual probes are designed to meet the different needs of our customers.



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