Precautions for Purchasing a Handheld Thickness Gauge

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We all know that the handheld thickness gauge is an indispensable instrument for controlling and ensuring the quality of the product. It can measure the thickness of the coating quickly and without damage. Not only for the laboratory, but also for the engineering site.

handheld coating thickness gauge

However, there are many brands and models of handheld thickness gauges on the market. How to purchase a suitable coating thickness gauge is a problem that many customers are worried about. The following are some precautions for purchasing a handheld thickness gauge

  1. Different materials are tested in different industries. First, the substrate need to be confirmed, we need to confirm the material to be test is magnetic substrate (steel, iron, alloy, etc.) or a non-magnetic substrate (copper, aluminum, zinc, tin, etc.).

  2. Confirm that the coating on the surface of the material is a non-magnetic coating or a non-conductive coating.

  3. Confirm how thick the coating of the test material is, and then select the appropriate handheld thickness gauge according to the range. Measuring thin coatings can be done with a small range of probes, and thicker coatings can be used with a wide range of handheld thickness gauges.

  4. Confirm the accuracy and stability of the handheld thickness gauge. The accuracy of the coating directly affects the accuracy of the measurement results. Whether the coating thickness gauge has temperature compensation function is also worthy of attention, and the data stability of the instrument, the coating thickness gauge which is not affected by environmental changes will be good.

  5. For the purchaser, it is very worth noting that the price of the handheld thickness gauge, the price of the instrument with a large range is also slightly more expensive, so it’s better to choose the appropriate coating according to the thickness that needs to be measured. 

  6. Finally, before purchasing the handheld thickness gauge, you need to pay attention to whether the after-sales service of the coating thickness gauge manufacturer is guaranteed. Any electronic device may have a fault. If there is no good after-sales service, the handheld thickness gaugewill have no use value if it fails.



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