How to Judge the Quality of the UV integrator?

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  As a professional UV instrument, the UV integrator can help users analyze the attenuation of the curing light source and help formulate process parameters. How to judge the quality of the UV integrator? A good UV integrator, data stability and consistency can be guaranteed. The service life is also a concern for many customers.
       1) The stability of the data means that the data obtained by multiple measurements of the same instrument under the same conditions is stable.
       2) Data consistency means that the data measured by the same batch of instruments under the same conditions is stable.

UV integrator

   3) A high performance UV integrator does not require calibration after years’ use and the data is stable. Poor quality UV integrators may need calibration after using a short time)
       4) The current UV integrator on the market can be divided into two types: UV integrator for high pressure mercury lamp detection and UV integrator for UV LED detection. The detection of high pressure mercury lamps currently has a uniform national standard. There is currently no uniform standard for the detection of UV LED. For
     UV integrators used to measure high-pressure mercury lamps, some customers will request the instrument should be sent to the Chinese National Metrology Institute for inspection and get test reports.



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