Comparison Between UV 150 Integrator and Chinese UV puck

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The UV puck is used to measure the UV energy of different light sources and is used in many industries such as printing presses, exposure machines and printers. The UV150 UV puck developed by UV Design of Germany is an instrument specially used to test the energy of ultraviolet light source. Today we mainly introduce the UV150 UV puck.

  • Spectral range: 250-410 nm, peak wavelength is 330 nm.

  • Energy measurement range: 0--- 999999mJ/cm2

  • Temperature measurement range: 0-45 degrees

  • Sampling speed:2000 times/sec

LS120 UV puck

The UV puck developed by Linshang Technology Co., Ltd. can be used not only to test energy but also to test temperature and power. Let's take the LS120 UV puck as an example.

  • Spectral range: 315-400 nm, peak wavelength 365 nm. Suitable for measuring high pressure mercury lamps.

  • Energy measurement range: 0--- 999999mJ/cm2

  • Power measurement range: 0 --- 2000 mW/cm2

  • Temperature measurement range: -55 ° C - +125 ° C

  • Sampling speed: 2048 times / sec

From the comparison of the above parameters, it can be known that the peak wavelength of the LS120 UV puck is 365 nm and the wavelength band used for curing by the high pressure mercury lamp is 365 nm. High temperature resistance allows long-term operation at 100 degrees Celsius. The LS120 can test not only energy but also temperature and power. You can also view the power curve and temperature curve. With automatic mode and manual mode, customers can set different measurement modes according to their needs. The automatic mode is suitable for use on the production line. The UV150 UV puck from UV Design in Germany can only be used to measure energy.