UV Lamp Intensity Detection By UV Power Integrator

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The UV curing is widely used in industries such as printing, electro-acoustic industry, production lines and coatings. Light intensity and energy decay as the UV lamp lapses with time. Therefore, we generally use UV power integrator to detect the UV lamp intensity. To understand the UV-fixed UV lamp intensity test, we first need to understand the principle of UV curing.
   What is the principle of UV curing:
    Simply put, a special band of glue is used to illuminate a special glue. Thereby, the glue generates a polymerization reaction to fix the glue on the object to be solidified. Since the curing requirements of different industries are different, the UV bands used for curing are also different. Commonly used UV bands are UVA, UVB, UVC and UVV. The most widely used band is the UVA band. The effect of UV curing light source on curing efficiency is very large. Therefore, we need to consider the energy, intensity, power, time, etc. of the light source when curing. Because any of these conditions will affect the curing effect.

Curing principle

Points need to pay attention when detecting UV lamp intensity
 1.It can be seen from the above that UV curing is affected by factors such as energy, intensity, power, time and so on. Therefore, we should detect all of these aspects. It is best to display the power curve. If there is a broken lamp inside, you can see it directly from the power curve.
      2.Due to the wide range of UV curing applications, UV curing machines present different forms. So for testing UV lamp intensity, we need to choose the right instrument.
      3.For UV lamp intensity detection, you can choose the UV band suitable for your industry according to your own light source. Because the curing effect of different bands is different.
     4.When performing UV lamp intensity detection, the
UV power integrator must be used in the correct way to ensure accurate test accuracy.



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