Paper UV Energy Measuring Instrument Detect UV Curing Lamps

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 Most people who know about UV energy measuring instruments know that the instruments can be used to cure paper inks. However, there are many types of paper and the curing conditions are different for different papers. What is the specific application scenario? Today we take everyone to find out.
     While understanding this problem, let's first introduce the classification of paper: paper is a sheet made of plant fibers and the type of paper is different because of its use. Paper can be divided into dictionary paper, coated paper, offset printing paper, newsprint, letterpress printing paper, and cover paper according to the use.
    The UV curing of the paper specifically refers to the curing of the ink on the paper. Inks cover a wide range of areas including offset printing, inkjet, pad printing, and wire mesh. Ink curing specifically means printing the font or pattern you want on a piece of paper. Then add a layer of gelatinous layer (matte, bright, glitter powder, etc.) on the font or pattern to increase the aesthetics of its appearance to improve its hardness, corrosion resistance and abrasion resistance. Then bake under the LED light. The surface of the coating is polymerized. Thereby the handwriting or graphics can be preserved on the paper.
     Because the use and thickness of paper are different, when curing different types of paper inks, the power, energy, temperature and curing time of the curing lamps are required, we must choose a fully functional UV energy measuring instrument.

ultraviolet lamp

UV printing is an ultraviolet drying process that requires an ink containing a photosensitizer to be combined with a UV curing lamp. Therefore, the curing time and energy value directly affect the effect of the paper later. For example, if the curing time is too long, the energy may be too high and the paper may be deformed and curled. If the temperature is too low, if the time is too short, the phenomenon that the cured ink will shed. In particular, for coated paper, a cold light source must be used with no heat radiation which will not lead to thermal stress and thermal deformation of the cured product.
    There are two kinds of UV lamps commonly used for paper curing: high-pressure mercury lamps and UV LED light sources. For paper ink curing of UV LED light sources, LED-specific UV energy measuring instruments must be selected. For example, the LS128 spectral response range is 340nm-420nm, which is calibrated at 395nm. The power, energy and temperature of the light source can be measured. It even shows the power curve and temperature curve. The temperature measurement range is relatively wide (-55 ° C - 125 ° C). The Linshang LS128 is the world's first UV energy measuring instrument professionally used for UV LED light source testing, with a range of 40W/cm2 and wide-spectrum (340nm-420nm) range. The instrument can measure the temperature and power simultaneously and display of power curve, temperature curve.



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