Conditions For High Precision UV Power Integrator

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 The UV power integrator on the market is mainly divided into two categories according to the light source. UV power integrator for mercury lamps and UV power integrator for LED lamps. Due to the rapid development of the UV LED industry, there is currently no unified national standard in the industry. The current national standard for UV energy measurement of mercury lamps is ±15% and the measurement accuracy of most UV power integrators can achieve ±10%, typically ±5%. What are the conditions for high-precision UV power integrators?
    1.The accuracy of the standard light source. To make a high-precision UV power integrator. The standard light source must be accurate because the instrument is calibrated by using a standard light source. The accuracy of the standard light source directly affects the measurement accuracy of the instrument.
   2.Correct adjustment method. After the instrument is produced, it will be calibrated with standard light source and standard equipment for regular inspection to ensure that the test data is consistent with national standards.
   3.High temperature resistance. High-precision UV power integrators generally have built-in insulation sheets to ensure that the instrument can be used at high temperatures. When measuring the UV-cured light source with the high precision UV power integrator, it is actually the conversion of energy, which converts light energy into electrical energy. In the case where other quantities are quantitative, the higher the temperature, the slower the frequency at which light energy is converted into electrical energy and the lower the total energy value. The measured value is smaller than the actual value. On the contrary, the lower the temperature, the faster the power conversion frequency. The actual measured value is larger.

ultraviolet light sources

 4.Frequency of sampling speed. The sampling speed of the high-precision UV power integrator must be very fast. There are many types of UV power integrators on the market. Different types of UV power integrators have different sampling speed. The sampling speed is also one of the important factors that determine the measurement accuracy of the UV power integrator.
   5.UV power integrator production materials and storage environment. UVA filters are prone to mildew in humid environments and the peaks of UVC filters may drift over time. These factors directly affect the stability of the measured values. Therefore, the high-precision UV power integrator first uses high-quality materials and good process levels and technical strips to ensure that the instrument does not need to be calibrated frequently.



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