How to Test Window Film Transmittance?

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We generally use a split tint meter to detect the light transmittance of the film. After starting up and waiting for the instrument to pass self-calibration, clamp the instrument on the glass and the transmittance will be displayed.

Some car owners have attached car films to their cars. The car film can insulate heat in summer and be explosion-proof in winter. However, at the time of the vehicle's annual review, it may be torn off because the light transmittance is not up to standard. So what are the methods for detecting the transmittance of the film? We generally use a split tint meter. The Linshang LS110 tint meter consists of two parts: the main unit and the auxiliary unit. The self-contained magnetic main and auxiliary machines can be automatically sucked together.
    Below we take the Linshang LS110
tint meter as an example to understand the film transmittance test method:
    1.Press the “POWER” button on the main and auxiliary machines. After the auxiliary machine is turned on, there will be a power display. After the instrument is turned on, the instrument will have a self-calibration process. When the instrument passes self-calibration, it will display 100% transmittance on the screen.
    2.The main and auxiliary machines are separated. The glass with the film is sandwiched between the main and auxiliary machines. The main unit is placed outside and aligned with the red laser point above and below the instrument. The instrument then displays the percent transmittance of the film. (The instrument tested the light transmittance of 380-760 nm).
    3.After the test is completed, press the “hold” button on the instrument to lock the test data. A "hold" symbol will appear in the middle of the screen. At this point, the instrument can be removed from the stick-film glass and the test results are still on the display interface.
   The Linshang LS110 split tint meter is simple in design and easy to operate. It is the best choice for the detection of the transmittance of the film.

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