Diffusion Plate Classification and Use | Diffusion Plate Transmittance Meter

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1. Classification of diffusion plates

  1. PC diffuser, also known as PC light diffuser, PC homogenizer, PC diffuse reflector, etc. It is a kind of special processing material based on the ordinary PC single-layer board, which is a new optical material for uniform surface illumination. The diffuser is generally milky white and translucent.

  2. The PS diffuser is a material with light diffusing properties in the PS (polystyrene) sheet type, and is one of the diffuser materials such as PMMA, PC, PS and PP.

  3. Acrylic diffuser has the characteristics of high haze, high light transmittance and high diffusivity. Under the premise of achieving good light transmittance and having good light source lattice shielding, it is an ideal optical material for solving secondary light distribution of LED lamps.

2. Why should we use a diffuser for LED lights?

In the process of purchasing LED lights, many people may see that the business marked lights have the advantages of anti-glare, uniform light and protection of vision. After purchasing, the lights are quite dazzling, let alone protect the eyesight. In fact, these descriptions are related to the diffusion plate, more specifically related to the optical instrument parameters of transmittance.

The diffuser board is a good partner for LED lamps. It has the optical characteristics of plastic sheets such as high haze, high light transmittance and high diffusivity.It can effectively convert point or line light sources into soft and uniform surface light sources. Under the premise of light transmittance, it also has good light source lattice shielding.

diffusion  plate transmitance meter

LS117 light transmittance meter

3. How should the transmittance of the diffuser be detected?

The requirements for lamps are different in different occasions. How to choose the right lamp, the light transmittance detection of the lamp is very important! How to measure the light transmittance? Since most of the diffusing plates are semi-transparent in color, the incident light is dispersed after being transmitted through the material to be irradiated. If the light is transmitted by a general diffusion plate light transmittance meter, the receiver of the instrument does not receive most of the scattered light, so that the data will be too small.

We should use a professional diffusion plate transmittance meter to detect. So many customers will ask, what kind of diffusion plate light transmittance meter is suitable for testing the transmissivity of translucent materials? In order to solve this problem of customers, Linshang Technology has developed a LS117 diffuser transmittance meter which adopt diffuse transmission principle. The instrument has an integrating sphere effect and is specially used to test the transparency of materials such as opal white translucent materials and matte matte surfaces. Light rate. The diffuser transmittance meter with diffuse trnsmission principle can receive almost all the light transmitted through the material and the obtained data is more accurate.



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