Transmission Meter for ITO Film

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ITO film is a strange material for everyone. We generally use a portable film transmission meter for ITO film to detect its light transmittance.ITO is a semiconductor indium tin oxide of an N-type oxide, that is, an indium tin oxide semiconductor transparent conductive film. There is usually a requirement for light transmittance. The light transmittance is usually as high as 90% or more. As a nano-indium tin material, the main function of the ITO film is to cut off harmful electron radiation, far infrared rays and ultraviolet rays to the human body. Therefore, ITO indium tin oxide is usually sprayed on plastic, glass and electronic display screens to use as a transparent conductive film. It can reduce harmful electronic radiation and far infrared rays and ultraviolet rays.

LS116 transmission meter test the ITO film

Portable thin film transmission meter for ITO film, such as Linshang LS116transmission meter, is a special test instrument for testing the light transmittance of glass and various films. The transmission meter is based on the principle that a visible light source is used to illuminate the tested substance. The sensor detects the light intensity and incident light intensity of the measured substance. Then it calculates the light transmittance of the ITO film by the ratio of the transmitted light intensity to the incident light intensity. The Linshang LS116 portable film transmission meter adopts a parallel light path design and the light source conforms to the CIE photopic luminosity function. This transmission meter can pass the inspection of the Chinese Metrology agency.
   When using the Linshang LS116 portable film transmission meter to detect the light transmittance of the ITO film, it is only necessary to wait for the instrument to pass self-calibration and display 100% transmittance. After placing the ITO film between the two probes, the transmittance value of the ITO film can be automatically measured and displayed. The instrument has high measurement accuracy, fast speed measurement and simple operation. The highest resolution is up to 0.001%, suitable for exhibitions, quality inspections, production, inspection and many other occasions.