How to Choose a Good Car Paint Thickness Gauge?

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The car paint thickness gauge is an instrument commonly used in the evaluation of used cars in recent years. It is also called the paint thickness meter in the industry. The instrument can measure the thickness of the automotive surface finish on the metal substrate by eddy current and Hall Effect.
    The used car industry usually uses a car paint thickness gauge to measure multiple positions of the car. In general, the car's roof is rarely repainted or otherwise repaired, so we can measure a large number of roof positions. The roof paint thickness can be used as a reference compared with other locations. If the data is quite different, then we can analyze whether the position is repainted or scraped over the putty.

LS220 car paint thickness gauge

LS220 Car Paint Thickness GaugeTest Car Paint

Before the absence of car paint thickness gauge, most used car appraisers judged the overall situation of used cars based on experience. This method is still in use today, but choose a good car paint thickness gauge is also very important. It is more scientific and intuitive to help judge the used car, which can reduce the error and the difficulty of work.

How to choose a good car paint thickness gauge? We can consider the following aspects.

1. Does the instrument support both iron and aluminum?

The body of the car is made of aluminum alloy, steel plate, cast iron, etc. The car paint thickness gauge available on the market can only measure the thickness of the paint surface on the magnetic metal substrate, such as steel; or it can only measure the non-conductive paint thickness on non-magnetic metal substrate. Such an instrument can be cumbersome to use, so it is necessary to choose a car paint thickness gauge for both iron and aluminum.

2. Is the response speed fast enough?

Since every time we test a point with the car paint thickness gauge, if we need to quickly understand the surface painting condition of the whole car, we need to do a lot of paint thickness inspection. It is very important to have a fast-responding instrument. For example, Linshang car paint thickness gauge can test and display a data every 0.5s, how fast your hand is, how fast the data is.

3. Is the instrument data accurate?

Some time ago we met a customer. He was very anxious to buy a car paint thickness gauge from us and tested his car in the parking lot immediately. It was finally measured that the car was relatively new and had not been repainted. After some inquiries, we realized that this is a used car that he only recently started. He bought a brand of car paint thickness gauge. The measured data of the front cover of the car is very high, but the customer thought the front cover has not been repainted based on his experience. So he found us and bought the Linshang car paint thickness gauge.
     The above case is mainly to tell everyone that we should choose a suitable car paint thickness gauge supplier and it is best to buy instruments that can pass the inspection of authoritative metrology agency. Otherwise, it is easy to affect your normal work because of the inaccurate data of the instrument.
     Of course, in addition to the above three points, the quality of the car paint thickness gauge, after-sales service, price, etc. are all factors that should be considered comprehensively. If time is sufficient, it is recommended to have a simple understanding of the parameters of the instrument before purchase. For the car paint thickness gauge selection, you can directly contact our technical staff+8613510633052!



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