UV Integrator for LED and High Pressure Mercury Lamp

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The high-pressure mercury lamp and the LED light source have different spectra, we need to use UV integrator dedicated for LED light source.

     In the process of selling UV integrators, customers often ask, "Why do we need to use different UV integrators for mercury lamps and LED lamps?  If we have two kinds of lamps, do we need to buy two kinds of UV integrators? Now, let’s find out the answer of this question.
     First, the spectrum of the mercury lamp and the LED lamp source is different. The spectral response range of the Linshang UV integrator for mercury lamp is 315nm-400nm. The spectral response range of the LED UV integrator is 340nm-420nm. Therefore, we need to select the instrument that matches the spectrum of the source when measuring. When the spectrum of the source is inconsistent with the response spectrum of the instrument, the measured data will be inaccurate.

UV integrator for high pressure mercury lamp

     Most of the UV integrators on the market are designed for high pressure mercury lamps and are only suitable for testing energy and intensity values at 365 nm in mercury lamps. However, for the LED light source, there are not only 365 nm, but also various bands such as 375 nm, 385 nm, 395 nm and 405 nm. Therefore, for the LED light source, it is necessary to use a dedicated UV integrator for the LED.
     Of course, for some customers they don't want to buy two UV integrators. Then, using a special instrument for measuring LED to measure mercury lamps. The test data is stable but the data will be too large and cannot pass the inspection of the metrology institute. However, there is no problem in controlling the production process. Using a special instrument for mercury lamps to measure LED lights, the data will be too small.
    Therefore, users can determine whether they need to purchase two UV integrators according to their actual situation.

UV integrator for LED light source

    The Linshang integrated UV integrator mainly has four models: LS131, S128, S130 and S120. The LS131 and LS128UV integrators are dedicated for LED lamps, while the LS130 and LS120 are UV integrators for high pressure mercury lamps. The LS120 and LS128UV integrators are disc-shaped, allowing simultaneous measurement of UV intensity, energy, time, temperature and display of power and temperature graphs.  The probe is on the back of the display. The LS130 and LS131UV integrators are square in design, have no temperature test function.The probe and display are on the same side.
     The above is the specific situation of the Linshang UV integrator!

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