Application of Thickness Measurement Equipment in Anti-Corrosion Industry

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As anti-corrosion coatings are used more and more in industrial applications,thickness measurement equipment are increasingly used in various industries.For example,chemical fiber anti-corrosion, heat shrinkable casing anti-corrosion,conductive anti-corrosion,bridge anti-corrosion, pipeline anti-corrosion, etc.Commonly used anti-corrosion coatings are powder coatings,zinc-rich coatings,fluorine-containing coatings,scale coatings, conductive coatings, etc.For anticorrosive coatings with different compositions,in addition to their anticorrosive properties, other properties may vary greatly.For example,the application of conductive coatings in the gasoline tubing industry requires both corrosion protection and antistatic.

According to statistics, due to the damage of the anti-corrosion coating and the destroyed substrate,75% of the reason is due to improper substrate processing and coating thickness is not up to standard.Therefore,when a section of anti-corrosion engineering is completed,we will use the thickness measurement equipment to measure the coating thickness.The thickness requirements of the anti-corrosion coating are different for different anti-corrosion materials and different anti-corrosion environments.According to the specific corrosion environment and requirements,it is mainly divided into the following five types:

  1. Corrosive environment with low corrosion degree: the thickness of the low-quality anti-corrosion coating is 80 μm or more, the thickness of the medium-quality anti-corrosion coating is 150 μm or more. And the thickness of the high-quality anti-corrosion coating is 200 μm or more.

  2. Moderate corrosion environment:low-quality anti-corrosion coating thickness of 120μm or more, medium-quality anti-corrosion coating thickness of 160μm or more,high-quality anti-corrosion coating thickness of 200μm or more.

  3. High corrosion corrosive environment:low-quality anti-corrosion coating thickness of 160μm or more, medium-quality anti-corrosion coating thickness of 200μm or more,high-quality anti-corrosion coating thickness of 240μm or more.

  4. Industrial corrosion environment (higher degree of corrosion):the thickness of the anti-corrosion coating is at least 200μm.

  5. The marine corrosive environment (high degree of corrosion): medium-quality anti-corrosion coating thickness of 280μm or more,high-quality anti-corrosion coating thickness of 320μm or more.

thickness measurement equipment

For the measurement of the anti-corrosion coating thickness,it is recommended to use the Linshang LS223 thickness measurement equipment.The instrument uses eddy current and Hall Effect principles to accurately measure the non-magnetic coatings thickness on magnetic metals and the non-conductive coatings thickness on non-magnetic metal substrates.This equipment can be widely used in the shipbuilding industry, hardware,metal processing industry coatings and anti-corrosion coating thickness measurement.The LS223 thickness measurement equipment is designed as split type to view data while measuring in a complex environment.The instrument can measure the thickness of the coating accurately and without damage, both for engineering and laboratory use.



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