Current Status of Magnetic Paint Thickness Tester

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Physical thickness measurement is one of the important items for the physical properties of coatings.With the rapid development of the times and technology,the paint thickness testers are more and more widely used and the measurement principle is also diversified. The paint thickness tester has been developed over a long period of time.

1.Development status of paint thickness tester.

1)The measurement method is diversified.As for the current measurement principles, there are mainly non-destructive methods and destructive methods.Currently,the most commonly used methods are magnetic method,eddy current method, X-ray spectroscopy and β-ray directional scattering method.

2)Systematic testing of technical standards.In industrially advanced countries,paint thickness testers have become self-contained.Some instruments can adopt dual principle.For example,Linshang paint thickness tester uses both the eddy current method and the magnetic method principle.

3)The development of paint thickness testers is becoming more and more intelligent.This feature is gradually manifested in the following aspects:

  • Circuit design: tube-transistor-integrated circuit.

  • Overall function: single-principle function type - with partial statistical function - dual principle universal type - intelligent type.

  • Probe type: split type - integrated type – one host equipped with multiple probes

2.Development status of magnetic paint thickness tester.

(1) Magnetic suction method automatic paint thickness tester

This measurement method entered the Chinese market in the early nineties,with nine main specifications.The thickness of the non-magnetic coating on the steel,the non-ferrous matrix and the thickness of the nickel coating on the steel can be measured.The maximum measurement thickness can be up to 20mm,which is very popular among users.

(2) Computer paint thickness tester

This paint thickness tester is an upgrade or replacement of magnetic paint thickness testers that measure maximum,minimum,average,standard deviation and number of measurements.The operation is simple and convenient.

(3) Digital paint thickness tester

This paint thickness tester was produced in the mid-1990s.Its outstanding feature is the integrated design.Suitable for fast,non-destructive measurements on site.Now it has become the best-selling brand of domestic paint thickness tester.

(4) Metal paint thickness tester

This type of paint thickness tester entered China in the late 1990s,taking into account both the magnetic and eddy current test principles.Built-in ruby probe.The outstanding advantage is that the structure is sturdy, durable and easy to operate!For example, Linshang LS223 magnetic paint thickness tester

(5) Computer precision paint thickness tester

This paint thickness tester is mainly a host equipped with multi-standard measuring probes to meet the needs of the object under different circumstances. The measurement range can be extended from 2 μm to 100 mm. 

3.Development trend of paint thickness tester technology.

With the development of paint thickness testers,the probes have also been multi-normalized to expand the selection space.Its characteristics are mainly the following:

  1. Dual-use meter for both magnetic and eddy current principle.

  2. One machine equipped with multiple probes to expand the selection space.

  3. Expanded functions with intelligence.

  4. Light and small, easy to carry.

magnetic paint thickness tester

With the development of the times and technology,the measurement accuracy of the paint thickness tester is getting higher and higher.The volume is getting smaller and smaller. For example,the Linshang paint thickness tester not only adopts the design principle of magnetic method and eddy current method, but also adopts digital and ruby probes.It is the best choice for coating thickness measurement.



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