Hot Digital Coating Thickness Meters Overview

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  Digital coating thickness meters can be used to measure the thickness of coating or film on the particular substrate.Below we will introduce six major digital coating thickness meter suppliers and their popular products.

1.German QNix 4500 digital coating thickness meter

The QNix is a well-known digital coating thickness meters supplier.The QNix 4500 is an iron-aluminum dual-use instrument that uses magnetic and eddy current thickness methods to measure coating thickness on both magnetic and non-magnetic substrate.The instrument does not need to be calibrated,the operation is simple.And the the quality is guaranteed, but the market price is high.

2.British Elcometer 456 digital coating thickness meter

The Elcometer 456 is currently the most well-known digital coating thickness meter.The instrument is available in three models,basic,standard and advanced.In addition,we can choose the appropriate probe according to different measurement range.The instrument has a data scanning function, which can quickly acquire a large amount of data. But it needs to be calibrated before use and the selection is more complicated.

3.US DeFelsko PosTector 6000 digital coating thickness meter

DeFelsko is a US digital coating thickness meters supplier dedicated to providing durable and accurate digital coating thickness meters.The Positector 6000 also supports coating thickness measurement on magnetic and non-magnetic metal substrates.The instrument supports to create 10 sets of calibration settings from which calibration memories can be retrieved prior to calibration.But setup and retrieval operations are more complex.

   4.Linshang LS221 digital coating thickness meter 

 Linshang Technology is an emerging manufacturer of digital coating thickness meters.It currently offers a wide range of digital coating thickness meters with different range sizes,integrated and split.The instrument automatically recognizes magnetic and non-magnetic metal substrate types and switches modes.No calibration is required and it can be used after zero adjustment.The instrument has extremely fast response and high data stability.It has been well received by customers since its release.The only drawback is that the product awareness is not high and the price is at a medium level.

digital coating thickness meter

5.US Extech CG204 digital coating thickness meter

 The US Extech CG204 is also the company's best-selling digital coating thickness meter. The instrument also supports multiple measurement modes and multiple probes.It can count the average value,standard deviation,maximum and minimum values of the data and display the measurement report.It needs to be calibrated before use.There are more buttons, which is more complicated.

  6.Netherlands TQC LD5850

The Dutch TQC offers a wide range of quality control equipment for paints and coatings. The TQC LD5850 is a non-contact as well as non-destructive digital coating thickness meter that measures the thickness of powder coatings, metal coatings, etc by photo thermal method.The instrument can measure the coating thickness on any metal substrate as well as on some non-metallic substrates.However,the measurement range of the instrument is only 0-300um and the applicable industry is still limited.
   The above is an overview of the famous digital coating thickness meter suppliers and their popular products.If you need detailed product information,please check the official website of each major brand.



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