Which is Better for Integrated and Split Film Thickness Gauges?

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The film thickness gauge is a measuring instrument specially used for detecting the paint film thickness.At present,both domestic and imported film thickness gauge suppliers provide two types of instruments: integrated type and split type.

The main body and probe of the integrated film thickness gauge are directly connected.When measuring, we can measure the tested material film thickness with one hand; The main body and the probe of the split film thickness gauge are connected by connecting wires.When measuring the tested material film thickness, it is necessary to hold the probe against the paint film surface with one hand and hold the instrument with the other hand.

However,the functions and principles of the two kinds of film thickness gauges are the same. The only difference is the connecting line.In this case, which one is better to use?

LS221 film thickness gauge

For this problem,we can discuss the practicality of the film thickness gauge application on different occasions.

  1. If the amount of tested material is very large,the work of testing the film thickness is similar to the work on the assembly line.The repeatability is high and rapid measurement is required.Then the integrated film thickness meter will be more advantageous. Because we only need to do multiple measurements with one hand, we can free up the other hand to record data or do other work.

  2. If the application is difficult in some locations,such as a very small space.It is best to use a split film thickness gauge.The split probe is separate from the main unit.Comparing to the integrated film thickness gauge,the probe is smaller and can be tested in a smaller space. In addition,in some materials that are in very high or low position.If the measurement is very inconvenient with an integrated instrument,it is also recommended to use a split type measuring instrument.

Therefore,the selection of a suitable film thickness gauge is tailored to the local conditions.In addition,there are some minor differences between the two instruments in use.For example,if the split film thickness gauge is used for a long time and is improperly stored,the connecting wire may be excessively twisted or even broken.In contrast,the storage and maintenance of the integrated film thickness gauge is rather simple.

Of course, both integrated and split film thickness gauges need to be kept safe.

  1. It is strictly forbidden to place the instrument probe on the tested material surface during measurement.This will not only damage the paint film and coating on the tested material surface,but also cause unnecessary wear of the probe.

  2. When the Low battery symbol appears on the instrument screen,please replace the battery in time.

In summary,whether you choose an integrated film thickness gauge or a split type film thickness gauge.You should consider your own applications.