Application of Coating Thickness Gauge in the Shipbuilding Industry

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The corrosive power of seawater is relatively strong.We usually choose not only corrosion-resistant materials when building ships.A coating is also applied to the hull surface for corrosion protection.The thickness requirements of the anti-corrosion coating are different for different positions of the hull.We usually use a coating thickness gauge to measure the thickness of the anti-corrosion coating.

1. Coating type of the ship:

The coating types of the ship are: production shop primer, ship water line paint, ship bottom anti-fouling paint, hull upper layer paint, etc. The coating requirements for the outer layer of the ship are mainly anti-corrosion. The paint on the inner layer of the ship is directly related to our safety. For example, ballast water tank paint, oil tank paint, drinking water warehouse paint, dry goods warehouse paint, etc. An anti-corrosion coating thickness gauge is critical to the shipbuilding industry. Because the coating on the ship not only requires corrosion protection, but also has high requirements for fire protection.

2. The ship's requirements for fire and anti-corrosion coating thickness

Ship fire protection coating thickness requirements:

  1. The thickness of type B thin fireproof coating is generally 1-2mm and its fire resistance limit can reach 0.5-1.5 hours.

  2. H type thick coated steel structure fireproof coating thickness requirements was 8-50 mm, its fire resistance limit of 0.3-0.3 hours.

Ship anti-corrosion coating thickness requirements:

When the hull is treated with anti-corrosion coating, it will first be coated with a carrier film with a thickness of about 150-500μm. Marine corrosive environment (high degree of corrosion): The medium-quality anti-corrosion coating has a thickness of 280 μm or more. The high-quality anti-corrosion coating has a thickness of 320 μm or more.

3.Measurement of ship coating thickness with Linshang coating thickness gauge:

LS220H coating thickness gauge

To measure the anti-corrosion coating thickness,we generally use the Linshang LS220H anti-corrosion coating thickness gauge.The range of this anti-corrosion coating thickness gauge is 0-2000μm.The probe is durable with ruby. The measuring speed is very fast at 0.5S.The advanced digital probe is used to keep the zero position stable for a long time without drifting. The products are based on the following national standards:

  • "GB/T 4956-2003 Non-magnetic coating thickness measurement on magnetic substrate - magnetic method"

  • "GB/T 4957-2003 Non-conductive coating thickness measurement on non-magnetic base metal - eddy current method"

  • Determination of film thickness of paints and varnishes according to DIN EN ISO 2808

  • "JJG-818-2005 Magnetic and Eddy Current Cover Thickness Measuring Instrument Verification Regulations"

The Linshang LS220H coating thickness gauge has a large measuring range.It is a coating thickness gauge suitable for the marine industry,aerospace industry, steel structure and other industries.For details,please contact Linshang senior engineer Anita +8613510633052!



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