Application of Paint Thickness Tester in Fire Retardant Coating Industry

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Fireproof coatings are commonly used in buses,subways,trains,ships and other industries.The fire resistance time will vary depending on the fire retardant coating thickness of the different materials.For example, steel structures typically lose load carrying capacity at temperatures between 450 and 650°C.If the temperature is too high,it will cause bending or deformation.As a result,it cannot be used due to excessive deformation.The fire resistance of steel structures that are generally not protected by fire is 15 minutes.Therefore, fireproof coatings and fireproof paint thickness testers are so important in the fire rating.

Fireproof coatings are mainly classified into ultra-thin,thin and thick.The thickness of the thin coating is generally less than 3mm.The decorative effect is also good.This material is fire resistant because the material expands and foams at high temperatures.The fire endurance can be increased to 2 hours.The fireproof coatings thickness for thick steel structures is greater than 7mm and less than 45mm.This material has a granular surface with low density and low thermal conductivity.The fire resistance is more than 2 hours.

The fire resistance time and the coating thickness of fireproof coatings are proportional to each other.The same fireproof coatings have different fire resistance times due to different thicknesses.However,beyond a certain limit,the coating thickness and the fire resistance time are unbalanced.Therefore,it is very important to test the fireproof coating thickness with a fireproof paint thickness tester.

Usually we use the Linshang LS223 fireproof paint thickness tester to check the the fireproof coating thickness.This paint thickness tester is equipped with two probes:F3N3 and F5N3.Users can choose the paint thickness tester that suits their needs according to the the coating thickness they are measuring.The instrument uses the Hall effect and the principle of non-destructive measurement of eddy current effects,which will not cause damage to the coating surface.The instrument has the following features:

LS223 paint  thickness tester

  1. The design is simple and the tester is easy to operate.The test can be started after zero adjustment.

  2. The probe is made of ruby which is wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant.The ruby probe can extend the service life of the instrument.

  3. The instrument can automatically identify the measurement substrate.The tester also has three measurement modes:iron-based measurement (Fe),non-ferrous measurement (NFe) and automatic identification (Fe/NFe).

  4. The instrument adopts advanced digital probe,which is not easy to be interfered during measurement.The advanced digital probe ensures the high measurement accuracy.

Linshang LS223 paint thickness tester of which measuring range is suitable for the measurement of fireproof coating,please consult Linshang senior engineer for more details.