Paint Thickness Tester for the Steel Structure Surface

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Steel components are widely used around us,but steel components are easily oxidized in the air,oxidation can corrode steel components.For special-purpose steel components,we must not only prevent corrosion but also prevent fire.We achieve fire or corrosion protection by applying a coating to the steel structure surface.

1.The necessity of coating measurement

    If the coating on the steel structure surface is not up to standard,after a severe corrosive environment or insufficient fireproof time,it is likely to pose certain safety hazards.Therefore,we usually use a paint thickness tester to detect the steel structure surface coating thickness.So how much coating thickness of the steel structure surface is considered qualified?

2.The national standards and methods of coating measurement

   The National"Quality Acceptance Specification for Steel Structure Engineering GB50205-2001" stipulates that the number of coatings should meet the quality requirements.When a design does not require coating thickness,the dry film coating thickness should meet the following requirements.The outdoor minimum standard is 150μm and the indoor minimum standard is 125μm. A tolerance of 25 μm is allowed on these two standard values.The thickness of the dry coating per pass requires an allowable deviation of 5 μm.
     The inspection method has the following standards:When testing the film thickness,it must be checked with a dry film paint thickness tester.And each position was tested at 5 places, each at a distance of 50 mm.Each position should be measured for three times to average the values.

3.The steel structure coating thickness is measured by the Linshang LS221 paint thickness tester.

paint thickness tester measure steel structure coating thickness

The Linshang LS221 paint thickness tester is a thickness gauge designed as split type.The advantage of this paint thickness tester is that it can measure not only the flat steel structure surface coating thickness,but also the surface of the pipe,narrow corners.From the inside to the outside, from the bottom to the top and inside the cabinet.This paint thickness tester allows you to view data while measuring under complex test conditions.Moreover,the steel structure surface coating thickness can be measured quickly,accurately and non-destructively. The tester can be used in the laboratory as well as on the construction site.The specific parameters of the Linshang LS221 paint thickness tester are as follows:
Measurement principle: Fe: Hall effect / NFe: eddy current effect
Measuring range: 0.0-2000μm
Measurement accuracy: ≤ ± (3% reading + 2μm)
Resolution: 0.1μm: (0μm - 99.9μm); 1μm: (100μm - 999μm)
0.01mm: (1.00mm - 2.00mm)
Working temperature range: 0 ° C ~ 50 ° C
     The Linshang paint thickness tester has a temperature compensation function that can be used normally even in high temperature environments up to 50 °C, which is convenient for your measurement process.