Is Linshang UV Integrator Really Expensive?

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Occasionally,we will hear the feedback from the users of Linshang UV integrator.“Why is the price of Linshang UV integrator more expensive than others?”We believe that the customer asks such a problem,the main reason is that the customers do not know about the high performance about the meter.It is not because the customer can't afford a few thousand dollars. So,is the Linshang UV integrator really expensive?

Linshang UV integrators

At present, several UV integrator brands commonly on the market include the American EIT, the Chinese Linshang and some energy meters that mimic the appearance of a German brand instrument. The price range of several brands of UV integrators is as follows:
1.The US EIT single-band UV integrator price is about 8,000 RMB.
2.The four-band UV integrator is about 25,000 RMB.
3.Linshang UV integrator price is 2960 RMB.
4.Some UV integrators that mimic the Germany brand prices ranging from a few hundred to more than two thousand
      As can be seen from the above price comparisons,the Linshang UV integrator is indeed higher than the price of some imitation German brand UV integrators.Compared to the US EIT UV integrator,the price is very favorable.The price of different brands is quite different. Which brand of UV integrator is more cost-effective?
     Performance comparison between Linshang UV integrator and US EIT UV integrator:

uv integrators parameters

It can be seen from the comparison of the above parameters that the Linshang UV integrator has same measurement accuracy and function of the US EIT UV integrator.But the price is so much cheaper than EIT.Does it mean the Linshang UV power puck has high performance?
     Let's take a look at the comparison between Linshang UV integrator and other domestic brands of UV integrators.Compared with the price of UV integrator of other domestic brands,the price of the Linshang UV integrator is indeed higher.But from the perspective of the function and technical characteristics of the instrument,it is completely two different levels of products.What unique functions does Linshang UV power puck has?
    1.The ordinary UV power puck can only measure one energy value. The Linshang UV integrator can simultaneously test energy values, power values, temperatures and measurement durations.
    2.With a power graph, the distribution of the light source can be analyzed by the power graph.
    3.The test accuracy is in line with Chinese national standards. 
    4.The distribution of computer software, you can connect the power puck to the computer to export the test data and can generate test reports.
    We hope that the above description can answer the doubts about the price of Linshang UV integrator.In fact,the true value of a measuring instrument depends on its performance not its price.



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