Difference between Four Portable Tint Meters

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Linshang Technology has four classic portable tint meters,LS160,LS160A,LS162 and LS162A.The classic three-band and compact appearance are very popular among customers.
The four tint meters are used in the solar film industry.Customers are easily confused by similar parameters when selecting models.They think that the four instruments are all the same function and the price difference lies in accuracy.But this is not the case.The accuracy of these instruments is the same.The price of the tint meter has nothing to do with the accuracy. So what are the similarities and differences of the four window tint meters? Let's take a look at it.

Same point

  1. Can be used to measure the visible light transmittance,infrared rejection rate and UV rejection rate of the film.

  2. Both are powered by the 7th battery

  3. Four tint meters use point light source design


  1. The slots of the LS160 and LS160A are only 0.8mm, which can only test the film; while the LS162 and LS162A tint meter slots are 8mm,in addition to the film,the stick-film glass and the car windshield can be measured.

    tint meters

  2. LS160 and LS162 window tint meters use 940nm infrared light source,while LS160A and LS162A use 1400nm infrared light source.We often say that the decalescence films generally has better infrared blocking performance at 950 nm;while the metal film and the ceramic nano film or the reflective film, have better infrared blocking performance at 1400 nm. So we should choose a suitable tint meter to perform the quality of the solar film.On the bright side, it is recommended to confirm the type of membrane first and then choose the appropriate tint meter.

  3. LS160 and LS160A use 530nm green light, while LS162 and LS162A use 380-760nm visible light. This difference may reflect differences when measuring some dark solar films.
    Through the above introduction,we believe that you have a certain understanding of these four classic tint meters.If you have more questions, you can always contact Linshang technical staff to help you.



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