Application of Paint Thickness Tester in Enamel Industry

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  Enamel products can be found everywhere in our lives, such as bowls, pots, teacups, trays, and more.This product is safe, non-toxic and easy to clean,so it is widely used in eating utensils and washing utensils.

1.So what is enamel and what are its physical characteristics?

   Enamel is also known as enamel.Simply speaking,the inorganic glass material is melted.Then the material is applied to the metal substrate surface and firmly bonded to the metal substrate to form a new conforming material.The enamel coating on the metal surface not only prevents the metal from rusting,but also does not form an oxide layer on the surface when the metal is heated.It is resistant to various liquids.Under certain conditions,enamel materials also exhibit excellent properties such as high temperature resistance,high hardness, wear resistance and insulation.It is because of these properties that enamel products are used more widely. The surface of the enamel product has many properties.The enamel layer can be painted according to your own preferences.Therefore,enamel products have both the chemical resistance and the beautiful appearance.

2.Surface treatment of enamel products:

The total thickness of the enamel material surface coating is generally measured by a paint thickness tester at 60-100μm (due to differences in color).During the production process, the glaze per kilogram will cover approximately 5 square meters of surface area and is slightly dried. The surface moisture is evaporated to a thickness of about 50-60μm.Too thick or too thin coatings will affect the product performance or age of the appliance.
    The enamel product surface coating thickness is measured by Linshang paint thickness tester:

LS220H paint thickness tester

In order to make enamel products meet national standards without affecting their performance.Usually we use the Linshang LS220H paint thickness tester to measure the coating thickness of enamel products.The Linshang LS220H paint thickness tester uses both magnetic and eddy current measurement principles.Therefore,it is possible to measure not only the coating thickness of enamel, plastic, paint on the magnetic substrate,but also the non-conductive coating on the non-magnetic metal substrate,such as an anodized layer.The scope of application is very wide!
The Linshang LS220H
paint thickness tester not only meets the following national standards, but also has good after-sales service.

3.In line with national standards:

1)Determination of film thickness of paints and varnishes
    2)"Magnetic, eddy current coverage thickness measuring instrument verification procedures"
    3)"Measurement of Thickness of Non-magnetic Cover Layer on Magnetic Substrate--Magnetic Method"
    4)Measurement of thickness of non-conductive coating on non-magnetic base metal--eddy current method

4.After sales service:

1)The company guarantees the goods can be returned without any reason in 30 days.(No human-damage and the goods can be used for second sales)
    2)Provide long-term spare parts for the instrument and provide lifetime maintenance service.
    3)Long-term free technical support
    4)The warranty period of the product is one year.If the instrument fails,the whole set of instruments can be sent to the company for repair.
    Linshang Technology provides you with the best products and the best service.