Coating Thickness Measurement and Application of Coating Thickness Gauge

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What is the coating thickness measurement?Where is the coating thickness gauge applied? We believe that through the introduction in this article,you will have a certain understanding of the answers to these questions.

    1.What is the coating thickness measurement?

     Coating thickness measurement refers to the measurement of coating thickness on a particular substrate.Whether it is wet or dry,we can measure its thickness.However,if the dry film is measured,the non-destructive measurement method must be used.
     The substrate is typically an iron based (such as steel or iron) or a non-ferrous based (such as aluminum or copper).In some cases,the coating thickness must be measured on a non-metal substrate such as wood,glass or plastic.In these cases,an ultrasonic coating thickness gauge is recommended.Because the traditional dry film coating thickness gauge uses the principle of magnetic induction or eddy current principle.Most magnetic induction or eddy current coating thickness gauges are dual-purpose.This means that the coating thickness on both magnetic and non-magnetic metals can be measured.This type of coating thickness gauge typically provides a very wide measurement range.

     2.Where is the coating thickness gauge applied?

       In the automotive industry,coating thickness measurements are often required.In automotive manufacturing and production,automotive manufacturers typically use coating thickness gauges to determine whether enough paint has been sprayed on the surface of each component of the car. Car dealerships,auto repair shops and auto insurance claimants also used coating thickness gauges to verify the coating thickness of used cars to evaluate the value of the car.
      In addition,coating thickness gauges can be used to measure corrosion-resistant protective coatings on metal substrates.Therefore,the hand-held coating thickness gauge is a valuable tool widely used in buildings,bridges,oil tankers,gas pipes.
      If you have any questions about the specific application of the coating thickness gauge, Linshang technical engineer would be lovely to help.Just contact +8613510633052 or send an email to professional technician will be at your service.

    3.Is it better to have an integrated probe or an externally connected probe?

Linshang coating thickness gauges

     The probe of the coating thickness gauge is usually inside or outside the instrument.The integrated probe of the coating thickness gauge is ideal for quick measurements in the field. Coating thickness gauges with externally connected probes are more suitable for measurement in narrow spaces.

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