LS129 UV Illuminance Meter for Communication

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LS129 Linshang UV Illuminance Meter is an intelligent UV digital probe, with communication functions, can direct-Connect PLC, Man-machine interface, PC and so on. It’s suitable for sites that require long-term online monitoring of UV intensity.
       The technical content of this UV illuminance meter with communication is very high and must be used under the guidance of a professional engineer. The probe has standard RS485 communication interface and MODBUS communication protocol. It is convenient to communicate with PLC, human-computer interface, computer and other equipment and collect and monitor real-time data. At present, many large enterprises have used this product, such as Goertek, Bozhon and Zhenghai.

Digital UV illuminance probe

The main features of Linshang LS129 UV illuminance meter are as follows:

  1. Structures: The size of the instrument is very small, the probes and mainframe is split, but they can also be integrated. The hole position of fixed screw is designed to facilitate the installation of the customer.

  2. Parameters: According to the different needs of the industry, the instrument contains UV 365nm probe used to test mercury lamp , and UV 365nm-405nm probe used to test UV LED lamp, it can also be customized UVC 254nm probe. The use of this instrument is flexible,  we can customize for you as long as you have the requirement.

  3. Technology: RS485 communication interface and MODBUS communication protocol make it convenient to integrate various intelligent equipment. The configuration of 200℃ High-temperature line can realize the real-time online monitoring for a long time. 

At present, LS129 UV illuminance meter is in batch production, welcome to contact us by e-mail: