Application of UV Light Tester in Automobile Germicidal Lamp

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Vehicles such as ambulances, buses, buses, taxis, etc., are more likely to carry a variety of viruses and germs, so whether there are hepatitis, flu, tuberculosis and other infectious diseases in the space and surface objects in the car. Sterilization in the car has become a must. The use of automotive UV germicidal lamps has become the most effective, fast and convenient method available. However, if the UV germicidal lamp used is qualified, we generally use an UV light tester for testing. Otherwise, if the germicidal lamp fails, the sterilization won’t achieve the effect.

LS126C UV light tester

LS126C UV light tester hanging under the germicidal lamp

Usually, when we buy UV germicidal lamps, the power of the lamps is usually marked. The general vehicle UV germicidal lamps are 10W. However, 30W or 40W ultraviolet germicidal lamps are usually used when the traffic environment such as buses, ambulances, large buses, trains, etc. is complicated. There are two main reasons for this. One is because the number of passengers is relatively large (there are people in all colors). On the other hand, the space inside the car is relatively large. If the power of the germicidal lamp is not enough, the dead angle is likely to occur, resulting in insufficient sterilization. Therefore, it is necessary to use the UV light tester to check whether the germicidal lamp is qualified.

The light source will be attenuated after a long period of use, so if a qualified light source is used for a long time, the power may not reach the standard. We know the total energy value of the light source = power * time, so when the power is not up to standard, we need to extend the sterilization time to achieve the purpose of sterilization. Viruses and bacteria generally have self-healing functions and only viruses or bacteria can be killed if the UV energy value is not up to standard. The virus after the injury is self-healing and will be intact. Therefore, when we use the UV light tester to measure the ultraviolet germicidal lamp, we must not only detect the power but also the total energy value.

LS126C UV light tester

The Linshang LS126C UV light tester is an instrument specially designed to detect UV germicidal lamps. This UV light tester has powerful intelligent statistics. Real-time values, maximum values, minimum values, average values and measurement durations can be measured simultaneously. This UV light tester also has the following features:

  1. This UV light tester has Bluetooth function, which can realize unattended measurement by connecting the mobile phone APP and wirelessly monitor data within 50 meters. Avoid UV burns of on-site inspection of measurement data.

  2. The instrument can be set to shut down regularly and the data is automatically saved when the machine is turned off.

  3. This UV light tester uses high-precision UVC filters and professional sensors. It can eliminate the effects of UVA, UVB band.

  4. This instrument has a graph display that can analyze the changing trend of the UV lamp after lighting.

This instrument is equipped with a 1 meter hook according to the "Technical Disinfection Technical Specifications" to ensure the measurement distance which is convenient on-site UV intensity measurement. And after connecting the computer software, you can export the EXCEL measurement data table. Linshang LS126C UV light tester is a professional measuring tool for UV germicidal lamps. Multi-probe UV meter is also provided, this meter can be equipped with 9 probes that can measure UV-A, UV-B and UV-C. Welcome to consult! 



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