Glass Thickness Meter | Double Glazed Thickness Measurement

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 LS201 insulating glass thickness meter is a professional equipment for measuring the thickness of glass by optical reflection principle.We only need to place the instrument on one side of the glass for the measurement.The thickness of the glass layer and intermediate air layer can be measured.Common insulating glass, laminated hollow glass, multiple layer glass can be tested.

LS201 glass thickness meter

At present,the measurement range of the LS201 hollow glass thickness meteris 70mm (glass thickness)and 45mm (air interlayer thickness).Many customers may not understand this parameter.They can’t confirm whether the range size meets the test requirements when purchasing the instrument. How thick of the insulating glass can be measured with LS201 glass thickness meter?
    Answering the above question requires a combination of the number of glass and air layers to consider.The refractive index of air is 1 and the refractive index of glass is 1.5.The laser reflection principle adopted by the instrument finally needs to convert the thickness of the glass and air layers by means of the refractive index.Therefore,if you want to confirm the instrument parameters before purchasing the instrument,you can use the following formula to convert it.
1.If measuring single or multi-layer glass without interlayer,the LS201 glass thickness meter can measure 70mm thickness.
2.If measuring two layers of glass,one layer of air,the measurable insulating glass meets the following requirements:
                                 2 layers of glass thickness sum + air layer thickness * 1.5
3.If measuring the insulating glass of three layers of glass and two layers of air,the measurable insulating glass meets the following requirements:
                                  3 layers of glass thickness sum + 2 layers of air thickness sum * 1.5
If you are not sure if your sample is outside the instrument range when you choose a glass thickness meter,you can use the above method to make a simple judgment.If you still have questions,feel free to contact us.