Why the data of New Lamps Tested by LS126C UV Light Meter is not Up to Standard?

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Recently,a customer said that the data of newly purchased UV germicidal lamp is not up to standard tested by LS126C UV light meter.Although we are very confident in the accuracy of our own instrument measurement,but after hearing the customer’s feedback, we still want to know more about the customer's use and find ways to solve the problem for the customer.

LS126C UV light meter

We remember that in 2014,in order to verify whether the newly purchased UV lamp irradiation intensity is certain,the engineers specially purchased different brands of UV germicidal lamps and different brands of rectifiers for testing.The following picture is the test results on May 11, 2014.


It can be seen from the test results that the irradiation intensity of different lamps of different brands may be different.The same lamp is driven by different brands of rectifiers and the irradiation intensity may be different.Therefore,for the customer’s feedback that the data of the new lamp is not up to standard tested by LS126C UV light meter, several situations may be summarized as follows:
    1.According to our test results,domestically produced germicidal lamps do have a variety of brand strengths that are not up to standard. The unqualified data does not mean there is no bactericidal effect,it only means the data does not meet the national standard.
    2.UV lamps need to use a dedicated rectifier,we use the same PHILIPSTUV30W / G30T8 lamps. Then we use different manufacturers of rectifiers to detect the strength of the lamps under different rectifiers,found that the difference is very large.Therefore,using the same lamp, it is qualified under the drive of different rectifiers and some failures are normal. Therefore,it is necessary to select the pair of lamps and the pair of rectifiers.
    For the case that the data of new lamp data is not up to standard tested by LS126C UV light meter, we recommend purchasing a PHILIPSTUV30W/G30T8 lamp + special rectifier for comparison test to confirm whether it is a lamp problem or an instrument problem. You can also send a lamp with the rectifier to Linshang technology and we will confirm the problem for you.



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