What is the Difference between the LS117 Densitometer and the Spectrophotometer?

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The densitometer is an instrument for quantifying component spots for paper chromatography, paper electrophoresis,etc.It is generally composed of a light source, a monochromator, a detector and a recorder.The spectrophotometer, also known as the spectrometer,is a scientific instrument that decomposes the light of complex components into spectral lines.

Linshang LS117 densitometer adapts to the range of 380nm-760nm,in line with CIE photopic luminosity function,mainly used to measure the optical density value of materials. The measurement range of the spectrophotometer generally includes visible light of 380-780 nm and an ultraviolet light range of 200 nm-380 nm. Different sources have different emission spectra for spectrophotometers,so different illuminants can be used as the source of the instrument.The tungsten light source emits a wavelength of 380 nm to 780 nm.The spectrum is refracted by the prism to obtain a continuous color spectrum of seven colors of light.Therefore,the chromatogram can be used as a light source for a visible light photometer.

LS117 densitometer

The spectrophotometer works on the basis that the substance is selective for the wavelength absorption of light.Different substances have their own absorption bands. When the light passes through the dispersion and the spectrum passes through a solution,some of the light wavelengths are absorbed by the solution.The concentration of the substance in the solution is proportional to the degree of the light energy attenuation.The light transmittance varies depending on the concentration of the solution.

The Linshang LS117 densitometer is mainly used for the measurement of optical density values of opalescent materials,misty materials and matte materials.The optical density value (OD) is generally defined as the logarithm of the ratio of incident light to transmitted light or the inverse of the light transmittance reciproca.That is,OD = log 10 (incident light / transmitted light) or OD = log 10 (1/transmittance).The Linshang LS117 densitometer uses a diffuse light path design with an integrating sphere effect.

Therefore,the Linshang LS117 densitometer and spectrophotometer are two completely different instruments.We believe that after the above detailed introduction,you definitely have a clearer understanding of these two instruments.



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