Application of LS117 Optical Density Meter in Crystal Glass Industry

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Crystal glass has become the ideal new type of decorative material.So what is a crystal glass?Simply put,a layer of ink-colored paint or an ink-colored clear coat is printed on the surface of ordinary flat glass or tempered glass and then coated with a layer of powdered resin.Then,the plastic colored crystals (gold powder, silver powder, laser powder) are pasted on the adhesive layer.After drying,it is coated with an epoxy protective layer to become a crystal glass.If a flat glass is attached to the epoxy protective layer,it will form a double-layered crystal glass.

Since crystal glass is used for decorative materials,its production process is very strict.The production of crystal glass must be in a clean space,which has high requirements for light transmittance and optical density.Therefore,we use a optical density meter to detect the optical density of glass when making crystal glass.

There are many kinds of crystal glass,such as float glass, sandblasted glass and embossed glass.The effect of crystal glass made by different glass substrates is also different.The Linshang LS117 optical density meter is an instrument dedicated to the measurement of optical density values of the above materials, especially suitable for mist materials and matte materials.Moreover,this optical density meter can also be used to measure the optical density of aluminized film, film, X-ray film, lens ink and other materials.

LS117 optical density meter

The Linshang LS117 optical density meter has the following main features:

  1. The LS117 optical density meteradopts a diffuse projection optical path design with an integrating sphere effect.

  2. The light source range is 380nm-760nm,in line with CIE photopic luminosity function.

  3. When measuring the material,the optical density meter can display the transmittance value and optical density value of the material at the same time.

  4. The instrument has high measurement accuracy and wide measurement range which can be up to OD6.

  5. The instrument has two measurement methods.Fixed measurement,hand-held measurement. The mount is suitable for measuring small volumes and the hand-held measurement is suitable for measuring relatively large materials.

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