UVC Detector Applied to the Detection of Germicidal Lamps in Food Factories

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Residues in food factories are prone to mold, which is harmful to the human body. Use a UV germicidal lamp for sterilization.A UVC detector is used to check whether the energy value of the germicidal lamp meet the standard.

   The environment of a food factory is quite special because for the food industry, not only must food safety be maintained, but also the flavor and nutritional content of the food must not be destroyed.Therefore,traditional thermal sterilization and chemical sterilization are flawed. Currently,more ultraviolet sterilization lamp disinfection and pulsed light sterilization are applied in food plants.Due to the high cost of pulsed light sterilization, ultraviolet germicidal lamps have become common sterilization equipment in food factories.

1.The necessity of disinfection in food factories

With the improvement of the quality of life, people pay more and more attention to food safety.If food factories can't fully sterilize,food residues are prone to mold. Molds can transform food into toxic substances,which not only reduces the edible value of food,but also can cause acute and chronic poisoning or even canceration after consumption.Therefore,we usually use a UVC detector to test the UV germicidal lamp to see if its energy value has reached the national standard.

2.Related national industry standards

The "People's Republic of China Health Industry Standard" stipulates that at a voltage of 220V, an ambient relative humidity of 60% and a temperature of 20 °C,the 253.7nm ultraviolet radiation (intensity in use) should not be less than 70 μw / cm2.The service life of the UV disinfection lamp,that is,the time for the intensity of the new lamp to decrease to 70 μw / cm2 (power ≥30W),or the time to decrease to 70% of the original intensity of the new lamp (power     Bacteria and viruses generally have self-healing capabilities,if the power value of the UV germicidal lamp does not meet the standards.And if the sterilization time is not enough,then bacteria and viruses can only be killed.After a period of self-repair, they will be as good as ever.We did not achieve the purpose of sterilization.Therefore,it has become necessary to test whether the various values of the germicidal lamp are qualified with a UVC detector.

3.Linshang LS126C UVC detector

LS126C UVC detector

Ultraviolet germicidal lamps are harmful to the human body and long-term exposure will burn our skin.In particular,UV power values used for sterilization are generally relatively high. Linshang LS126C UVC detectoris a professional instrument for UV germicidal lamp detection.The spectral response range is 230nm-280nm and the peak wavelength is 254nm.
   This UVC detector can measure maximum value,minimum value,real time value,average value, measurement time,date and time simultaneously.Moreover,the instrument uses high-precision UVC filters and professional UV sensors to eliminate the effects of UVA and UVB bands.The LS126C UVC detector has a Bluetooth function.It can be used to monitor data wirelessly from a certain distance when connected to a mobile phone-only APP,to avoid being burned by ultraviolet rays when viewing the data on site.The instrument can be set to shut down regularly and the data is automatically saved when it is turned off.It can truly perform unattended measurement and bring convenience to you when measuring germicidal lamps.

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