Can We Use LS123 UV radiometer measure UV lamps for curing?

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Linshang LS123 UV radiometer is a UV blocking performance testing instrument for solar film, explosion proof film, stick- film glass and other materials. It can measure the radiation intensity of various low power UV lamps and the UV rejection rate of the tested material. The rejection rate can also be used to test the UV blocking performance of automotive glass directly under sunlight.
    The spectral response range of the LS123
UV radiometer is 260-380nm.The unit of UV intensity measured is microwatts per square centimeter,which is the radiant energy power per square centimeter.There is a sensor on the top of the instrument that can receive the ultraviolet light source. When measuring the radiation intensity of the ultraviolet light source,we need to face the probe directly to the light source.

LS123 UV radiometer

When many customers see the spectral response range of LS123, they will ask if the instrument can measure the UV lamp for curing. This instrument's ultraviolet radiation intensity measurement range is 0-40,000 uW/cm2.The ultraviolet lamp radiation intensity used in curing machine and exposure machine is very high.In addition,the accuracy and response band of this instrument are not suitable for measuring UV lamps for curing.
    If you need to measure the intensity of UV light used for curing and require accurate instrument data,it is recommended to use LS125 UV radiometer with UVA probe.This instrument can ensure to pass the inspection of Chinese National Metrology Institute. .
    Summary:The LS123 UV radiometer is mainly used to measure the radiation intensity of low-power UV light sources and demonstrate the UV blocking performance of solar films, glass and other materials.If you need to measure the UV lamp for curing,it is recommended to use Linshang professional LS125 UV radiometer.